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Deviant Man Makes History by Winning Seat on Illinois City Council

Warning: Article Contains Obscene Photos

It’s remarkable that we have reached such a corrosive cultural place that a label is needed to warn the public of the inclusion of obscene selfies publicly posted by an elected community leader. Not too long ago, such an act by a community leader would have resulted in an arrest.

Much ado was made about the election of “Clare” Killman, the first “transwoman” to be elected to a city council in Illinois. Because confusion, subversion, appropriation, and deception are the primary tactics of leftist cultural warfare, I want to make clear that “Clare”

Killman is a man—always has been, always will be.

In all this ado, there were some things the fawning press omitted, so while telling the unseemly tale of Mr. Killman’s election, I will fill in the blanks.

Mr. Killman is a 28-year-old man who grew up somewhere in southeast Missouri. He has been married since July 26, 2016, to another man, Ben Killman, a big burly, pansexual, polyamorous Marine veteran who evidently likes men with home-grown penises and chemically induced breasts.

As of Oct. 2, 2021, the two mister Killmans were in a “throuple” with a third man. About that relationship, “Clare” Killman wrote this on Oct. 21, 2020, to accompany Instagram photos of the three men in various combinations holding hands and embracing:

This is my family at our home. We may look different from your family but what counts is all there. I am a lucky woman [sic] to be so beloved and to love so much.

“Clare” has a particular fondness for posting photos of himself nude, exposing his buttocks and breasts while carefully concealing his homegrown junk, about which he says, “Society isn’t built for bodies like mine. I don’t fit correctly into their clothes. … I don’t blend into their mix. Nature has always allowed me to come as I am and welcomes me with open arms.”

I’m not sure exactly what that means other than waterfalls don’t tell him he ought not pretend to be a woman and he likes to go naked outside. The latter makes sense given his view of social norms expressed in yet another post of himself semi-dressed in provocative women’s lingerie:

For a few years in my mid-20’s I gave into the pressures to conform, compromise, and professionalize away from the overt display of my body and sexual energy. This is a false narrative of whom I am. … I’m immodest and lack any serious respect for social mores around sex and sexuality. … My presence is always sexually charged, be it naturally or through the subterranean lust of others. …I celebrate my flesh while I have to live in it. If I can’t be taken seriously or win an election by being myself, I don’t want either.

Ironically, Killman conformed and professionalized during his campaign. He conformed to professional female conventions that he has appropriated in his effort to pass as a woman.

His tortured rhetoric (i.e., “My presence is always sexually charged, be it naturally or through the subterranean lust of others”) suggests he has no agency in his “sexually charged” presence, despite the fact that he freely chooses to post erotic photos of himself as a woman. It seems likely that Killman is an “autogynephile,” which is a man who is sexually aroused by thoughts of himself as a woman.

Killman’s appropriation of womanhood reaches peak offensiveness in this April 2, 2023 Instagram post:

I suppose I didn’t have to. I could have been dishonest with myself. I could have rendered the impulse aberrant enough to justify not pursuing it. But I did pursue it. I rose to meet the call. I created the woman you see today. … Today, at our event to empower the voices of women, Mayor Pro Tempore Carolin Harvey, my fellow City Council candidate Nancy Maxwell, and myself spoke about being women—an stood together as women supporting the empowerment of women’s voices. … I choose to actualize my womanhood. I am glad to be a woman. A woman who stands with women. Who empowers women. Always.

Nope, Mr. Killman is not a woman, and he didn’t create himself. He is far closer to Victor Frankenstein than he is to God. Aided and abetted by practitioners of quack medicine, he has created a grotesque half-man/half-woman skin costume.

According to Killman, he was “heavily nudged” to pursue a seat on the Carbondale City Council by former city council member and current Carbondale mayor, Carolin Harvey. About her mayoral run, Harvey said, “her religion and relationship with God are what ultimately pushed her to become mayor. ‘When people would ask me to run my answer was emphatically no. But I’ve always said unless I hear from the Lord, and I did, so I have to follow.’”

Did God tell her to heavily nudge a cross-dressing, polyamorous man in womanface who is “married” to a man, posts nude photos of himself on social media, and disrespects sexual mores to run for city council? If she thinks so, I doubt it was God she heard.

Clearly, the “immodest” and “sexually charged” Mr. Killman isn’t the only Democrat who disrespects social norms. Every Democrat who supported his campaign, voted for him, or remained silent about his dubious character is guilty of disrespecting norms.

Former Illinois State Rep. and gubernatorial candidate Jeanne Ives rightly assesses the implications of Killman’s election:

As Illinois marks another cultural and political first with the election of a transgender city councilmember in Carbondale, this isn't a time to celebrate. Did the public know about his trans-identity and sexual fetishes when voting for him? Are they now aware that he is marginalizing womanhood by weighing in on what it's like to be a woman—when he isn't a woman? What a farce.
His delusions and lies are dangerous. Parents beware, council members are often role models and invited to address school children in government classes, so you may want to find out if he is scheduled to be at community events or your child's school.
And those community leaders who normalize his behavior by standing alongside him do moral harm to the future of their communities by inviting moral chaos and dysfunction.

The election of Killman reveals how degraded our culture and politics have become. That men and women—especially women—would vote for and celebrate the victory of a narcissistic, delusional, sex-obsessed, cross-dressing polyamorous man who mocks women and disrespects social norms should foment righteous anger among decent people. And they should use that anger to bring about change.

Many conservatives understandably bemoan the abandonment of civics lessons in public schools. If, however, civics lessons entail being exposed to local government bodies, we ought to leave them in the dustbin of history—at least in Carbondale.


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