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Here We Go Again…Making National HeadlinesFor the Wrong Reasons.

The Governor proudly declared himself a “practical progressive” in this NY Times article. His Vogue-style glamor shot in the photo above is from that article. Can you imagine him posing for this? Good grief.

He is an unserious person, craving attention and seeking admiration. This puff piece interview with the NY Times strokes an ego bigger than his real estate portfolio.

To be clear, there is nothing practical about progressive Pritzker. Practical infers moderation. The NY Times writer of the article even noted that dubbing himself a practical progressive is similar to George W. Bush calling himself a compassionate conservative, cleverly trying to link the two as moderates. Nothing could be further from the truth. J.B. Pritzker is one of the most radical leaders ever to hold office in Illinois.

On March 10th, Pritzker set aside the day to celebrate abortionists. It takes a special amount of depravity to set aside a day as Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. But, the Governor of what used to be a moderate midwestern state did so.

You may have missed Governor Pritzker declaring March 10th as Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. It seems that the legacy mainstream Illinois media didn’t cover this announcement. That’s a bit curious. Perhaps they rather do puff pieces too about Illinois getting another credit upgrade, a result of federal government largesse and inflated revenues. Maybe they think it is ghoulish too and know that a strong majority of Illinoisans, including pro-choice voters, believe in restrictions on abortion and also the old Democrat mantra of “safe, legal, and rare” instead of a cause for celebration where women are encouraged to Shout Your Abortion (see website).

Laurie Higgins's excellent analysis of Pritzker’s declaration can be found via this blog link:


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