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Illinois Leftists Want to Shut Down Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Updated: Mar 4

Leftist lawmakers in Illinois continue to prove to Illinoisans and the nation what a blight they are on the American landscape. It’s not enough for Illinois’ leftist lawmakers to pass a malignant law ensuring mothers can have their offspring slaughtered throughout the entire nine months of gestation for any or no reason. Now, Illinois lawmakers want to shut down every crisis pregnancy center that helps persuade women to let the tiny humans growing in their wombs live. What is worse is that as of this writing, all the sponsors of two identical anti-baby/anti-woman bills are women—Democrat women.

The bills SB 1909, sponsor Celina Villanueva, and HB 2463, sponsor Terra Costa Howard, both deceptively titled the “Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act,” use legitimate concerns about fraud and false advertising as smokescreens for their goal of killing more humans in their mothers’ wombs:

“Prohibits a limited services pregnancy center from using or employing any deception, fraud, false pretense, false promise, or misrepresentation, or the concealment, suppression, or omission of any material fact, with the intent that others rely upon the concealment, suppression or omission of such material fact … to induce an individual to enter or access the limited services pregnancy.” (emphasis added)

If passed, this fuzzily defined act grants an excessive amount of discretion and power to Illinois’ attorney general, who currently is the far leftist Kwame Raoul:

“Allows the Attorney General to enforce the Act when: it appears to the Attorney General that a limited services pregnancy center has engaged in, is engaging in, or is about to engage in any practice declared to be unlawful by the Act; the Attorney General receives a written complaint of the commission of a practice declared to be unlawful under the Act; or the Attorney General believes it to be in the public interest that an investigation should be made to ascertain whether a limited services pregnancy center has engaged in, is engaging in, or is about to engage in, any practice declared to be unlawful by the Act. Establishes the remedies available under the Act for violation of the Act, including preliminary or permanent injunction and a civil penalty not to exceed $50,000. Allows any party aggrieved by a violation of the Act to bring an action against any limited services pregnancy center that has committed such a violation, in which the court may award actual damages and any other relief the court deems proper. Effective immediately

Further, and equally troubling:

“A violation of this Section is unlawful whether any individual has been misled, deceived, or damaged thereby” (emphasis added).

The goal of this evil legislation is to shut down all crisis pregnancy centers by threatening them with $50,000 fines. Can’t have any unnecessary, unwanted, imperfect humans wandering around using up resources. Wouldn’t be prudent.

Leftists want what they always want: to control society by controlling speech.

Actual fraud or false advertising should be—and is already—illegal. Such laws apply to non-profit organizations as well as other businesses. Clearly, the unwomanly women who are sponsoring this bill are not motivated by a desire to end false advertising.

What these Springfield anti-women want is to force crisis pregnancy centers to advertise that they don’t perform abortions or refer women to abortionists for procedures that end the lives of humans or risk fiscally prohibitive penalties of up to $50,000.

Leftists are renaming crisis pregnancy centers “limited services pregnancy centers” and proclaiming what such centers must provide, and what language they must use in their advertisements in order to avoid prosecution by blood-lusting Democrats.

As darkest night follows dark night, Springfield control-freaks will also proclaim what constitutes “concealment, suppression, or omission” of “material fact.”

Why is a pregnancy center deemed “limited” in services if it doesn’t kill humans? Why is a pregnancy center deemed “limited” in services because it doesn’t “terminate pregnancies”? The belief that “full services” pregnancy centers must terminate pregnancies and kill humans is an arguable presupposition of leftists.

Why should a crisis pregnancy center that opposes human slaughter be required to provide referrals to human slaughterhouses in order to fulfill their mission?

And why should they be required to mention in ads that they don’t provide abortions or abortion referrals? Optometrists don’t mention what services they don’t provide in their ads. Rather, they list what they do provide. Are they guilty of concealment, suppression, or omission?

The term “crisis pregnancy center,” which the anti-woman squad in Springfield hates, is not deceptive. Those centers do, indeed, seek to help women who view their pregnancies as crises. Just because deceitful cheerleaders for human slaughter dislike the term “crisis pregnancy center” doesn’t mean it is deceitful. Presumptuous leftists may be surprised to learn that they don’t own the English language. They shouldn’t let their success in redefining hate, bigotry, safety, tolerance, and “woman” go to their expanding heads.

To people with properly formed consciences, killing a gestating human is the antithesis of “pregnancy care” or “medical care.” Killing a human at any stage of life is the destruction of a pregnancy and the antithesis of medical care.

Providing healthcare or medical care for a pregnancy by definition requires a pregnancy. The essential constituent feature of a human pregnancy is the presence of a gestating human in a mother’s womb.

Bearing in mind the anxiety of Illinois’ woman-hating squad about fraudulent advertising, let’s look at the organizational antithesis of crisis pregnancy centers: “Planned Parenthood.”

The name “Planned Parenthood” for an organization that makes its filthy lucre from killing humans is deceptive in that “parenthood” necessarily involves raising children. Planned Parenthood’s business model centers not on planning the nurturing and raising of children. Planned Parenthood’s business model centers on nullifying parenthood through human slaughter.

Planned Parenthood is like a pro-anorexia organization falsely advertising itself as a healthy diet organization. A healthy diet—by definition—requires the ingestion of food. Similarly, parenthood requires children.

If leftists are so deeply concerned about deceptive advertising, then how about some intrepid truth-pursuer suggest changing the name of “Planned Parenthood” to “Calculated Carnage, ” “Parenthood Nullification,” or “Parenthood Obliteration.”

And how about a Springfield lawmaker propose an amendment to Costa Howard’s and Villanueva’s bills requiring Planned Parenthood to advertise its chief service, which is pregnancy termination through the slaughter of humans from their conception till their birthdays for any or no reason. Maybe a less deceptive name would be “Full-Service Fetal Abattoirs—We slaughter tiny humans at any age at taxpayer expense.”


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