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It’s Time to Demand Competence

School is back in session, and the Fall sports watching is in full swing! For many, that means Friday night football, followed by Saturday college games, and more football on Sunday. On Monday, everyone is reviewing the film and finding out what went right and what went wrong.

Too bad government doesn’t work that way. In the military, the mission wasn’t complete until the after-action review was done, but in the rest of the government, do they ever review the game film and find out where they failed? Meaning do they look for continuous improvement? It doesn’t seem that way.

It’s Time to Demand Competence

Is that really too much to ask from our government?

Is that too much to require from our elected officials?

Is Competence not what we expect in every other aspect of our lives?

Why aren’t the experts called in and listened to when something goes wrong?

  • How about the Naperville City Council? They voted overwhelmingly against a long-time business owner because they didn’t like his business. There is no rational argument to close a gun shop because some madman in Texas shot up a school, and the “expert” police failed to take action. The interview with Robert Bevis in the podcast section is a must-listen. All of us should be “up in arms” (dare I say that) over his treatment and the utter stupidity of the Naperville City Council.

Continuing On…

  • And Here's Greg Gutfeld Mocking Chicago's Leaders

When did we get so off track? It isn’t just costing us money; it is endangering our society.

Surprisingly, former Democrat Michael Schellenberger is asking the same question about competency.

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