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More Than Two Years of Lies Unravel, And Somehow Tucker Carlson is the Problem

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

In recent months, Americans should have learned through revelations about the origins of the Chinese Communist plague and the safety and efficacy of masks, vaccines, and shut-downs that our public servants lie by omission and commission—a lot.

And our public servants should have learned that Americans trust their own judgments more than they trust the statements of public servants, which perhaps explains why recent Rasmussen polling reveals the following:

“… 80% of Likely U.S. Voters believe it is important that the public be able to view all the videos of the Capitol riot, including 58% who think it’s Very Important. … Sixty-one percent (61%) of voters believe it is likely that undercover government agents helped provoke the Capitol riot..”

The desires of Americans for transparency make this week’s piggy pile on Tucker Carlson all the more curious.

The piggy pile began when Carlson aired excerpts from the 41,000 hours of videos of the mostly peaceful assemblage on Jan. 6 at the Capitol, following which leftists and mostly establishment Republicans’ panties were all twisted up in knots of faux-rage and sanctimony.

What gives?

Tucker Carlson became the News ‘o’ the Week for his release of excerpts from the 41,000 hours of videos of the mostly peaceful assemblage on Jan. 6 at the Capitol, following which leftists and mostly establishment Republicans’ panties were all twisted up in knots of faux-rage and sanctimony. What gives?

Don’t all Americans support transparency? Don’t all Americans believe democracy dies in darkness? Doesn’t video of everything that took place inside the Capitol constitute news that’s fit to see?

We’ve all seen the video excerpts of the lawbreakers who scaled walls, smashed windows, and stormed doors.

Many of us saw the video in which Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) claimed that on Jan. 6, “Many, many, many members of Congress were almost murdered. Many congressional staffers were almost killed. … And it is not an exaggeration to say that many, many members of the House were nearly assassinated.”

(Well, actually, that may be an exaggeration.)

Many of us saw the CNN video interview in which AOC claimed that “because of the misogyny and the racism that is so deeply rooted, and animated that attack on the Capitol,” she thought she was going to be raped.

We all heard AOC’s dramatic recreation of hearing bang, bang, banging on the door of the locked room where she was hiding in fear for her life—oh, wait, that bang, bang, banging was the Capitol police.

We all heard ad-nauseum about the murder of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick at the hands of Trump-supporting, fire extinguisher-brandishing miscreants—oh, wait, that didn’t happen either. As one of the excerpts Carlson showed proved, Officer Sicknick continued working after the time the press had reported he had been murdered.

Considering the cherry-picked carefully selected tidbits shown over the past 26 months, many Americans welcomed some additional minutes of footage from Jan. 6. It wasn’t long after those additional minutes aired, however, that a piggy pile on the messenger ensued.

One of the more bizarre claims about Carlson’s report came from Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger:

“The most disturbing accusation … was that our late friend and colleague Brian Sicknick’s death had nothing to do with his heroic actions on January 6.”

Is Manger a liar or just ignorant? Carlson made no such accusation. Rather, Carlson provided video evidence that Officer Sicknick had not been murdered by rioters with a candle in the conservatory or a fire extinguisher in the Capitol as was erroneously and irresponsibly reported over and over and over by leftist pundits and politicians.

Senator Chuck Schumer—the man who shamelessly and publicly threatened Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh—shamelessly described Carlson’s Monday program as “one of the most shameful hours we have ever seen on cable television.”

In light of cable television reporting over the past six years, that would be quite a feat.

What about all the CNN segments in which talking heads claimed that former president Donald Trump had colluded with Russia; or when they claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation, thereby perhaps influencing the outcome of the presidential election; or when they accused Joe Rogan of taking a “horse dewormer” when they knew Ivermectin is prescribed to humans for all sorts of health problems; or what about the many cable programs that promulgated the absurd Jussie Smollett hoax, thereby exacerbating racial division; or when CNN falsely claimed that Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann had “engaged in racist conduct,” thereby jeopardizing the life of a minor?

What criteria did Schumer use to rank Carlson’s Monday night program more shameful than those cable television stories?

Schumer continued, fretting about the imagined end of our democracy as he calls for censorship at Fox News:

“Mr. Carlson [is] going to come back tonight with another segment. Fox News should tell him not to. Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch, tell Carlson not to run a second segment of lies. … Speaker McCarthy … has further eroded away at our precious democracy when people don't believe elections are on the level that's the beginning of the end of this bold experiment in democracy.”

Yeah, that’s the ticket to restoring Americans’ confidence in our precious democracy: censorship of the news.

Maybe Schumer doesn’t know that it is censorship of the news—specifically news about Hunter Biden’s laptop and Biden’s mishandling of classified documents—that caused Americans to distrust the integrity of elections.

Here are ten shameful minutes on COVID vaccines that aired on CNN—ten minutes that may have put young men at risk for myocarditis:

Then last Tuesday, viperish Mitch McConnell—a man enriched by his financial ties to the Chinese Communist government—slithered onto the battleground to express his allegiance to the Capitol police chief who misled the public about what Carlson had said:

“It was a mistake, in my view, for Fox News to depict this in a way that is completely at variance with what our chief law enforcement official here at the Capitol thinks.”

Police Chief Manger fumed that Carlson had “conveniently cherry-picked from the calmer moments of our 41,000 hours of video,” in such a way as to fail “to provide context about the chaos and violence that happened before or during these less tense moments.”

Others would argue that leftist propaganda sites posing as news organizations conveniently cherry-picked from the 41,000 hours of video in such a way as to fail to provide any context that might undermine the armed and violent insurrection narrative.

Now, thanks to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Tucker Carlson, Americans can see much more context and form their own judgments about whether Jan. 6 was a mostly violent, armed insurrection or mostly a peaceful protest, or an equal split.

If you missed Carlson’s shows last week, you might be surprised to learn that he also showed the long-available footage of miscreants scaling walls, breaking windows, and storming the Capitol doors. Thankfully, none of the Jan. 6 miscreants took their cues from the violent BLM insurrectionists who not only defied civil authority but also torched government buildings and police property, looted government offices and private businesses, and took over city blocks in an attempt to establish a new government—all of which fit neatly within a dictionary definition of “insurrection.”

Quisling Senator Mitt Romney also piled on Carlson:

“You can’t hide the truth by selectively picking a few minutes out of tapes and saying this is what went on. It’s so absurd. It’s nonsense. It’s a very dangerous thing to do, to suggest that attacking the Capitol of the United States is in any way acceptable and it’s anything other than a serious crime against democracy and against our country. … trying to normalize that behavior is dangerous and disgusting.”

Say what? First, the peaceful strolling about within the Capitol did, indeed, go on. Second, I didn’t hear Carlson attempt to normalize the violent actions that also took place on Jan. 6. In fact, Carlson has condemned those actions consistently since Jan. 6.

Rather, Carlson makes the case that most of the thousands of men and women gathered in front of and inside the Capitol were not armed, were not violent, and made no effort to take over the government.

He makes the case that Americans are entitled to see all the video footage of the Jan. 6 events that the government has concealed.

He criticizes legacy media outlets for disseminating with alacrity the falsehood that protestors murdered Officer Sicknick.

He has demonstrated that the government’s and legacy media’s treatment of BLM protestors was very different from their treatment of Jan.6 protestors.

Those who lean right and are sympathetic to the attacks on Carlson need to chop down some trees that are obstructing their view of the forest. Dissembling and cowardice drive the bracing attacks directed at Carlson. Powerful, entrenched forces use any means at their disposal to take down truth-tellers, and Carlson is an enormous, stinging, truth-telling thorn in the sides of many powerful people. It takes an unwavering commitment to truth, a steely spine, and an all-too-rare independent spirit to withstand the slings and arrows of powerful people.

Watch Tucker Carlson's Jan 6th Part 1 Below


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