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Rights in the Blinkered Eyes of Leftists

Increasingly, Democrats believe the atomistic desires of fallen humans constitute or determine civil rights. If men desire to legally marry men, access to marriage becomes a civil right. If women desire to be unencumbered by the humans growing inside them, access to human slaughter becomes a civil right. If minors want to masquerade as the sex they are not, accessing disfiguring surgeries and health-harming hormones becomes a civil right.

In their insistence that desire alone defines civil rights, Democrats ignore the distinction between civil rights and civil liberties, treating their desires as analogous to our natural, inherent, God-given, unalienable civil liberties.

It is by treating civil rights—which are manmade rights—as analogous to civil liberties that Democrats arrive at the conclusion that a woman’s right to terminate her offspring—a civil right manufactured by man—supersedes the civil liberty of her offspring to live. The unalienable freedom of humans to live is a right of a higher moral order than is the legal right of their mothers to have them exterminated.

In the perverse new world Democrats are socially constructing, men who want to be women have a legal right to access women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, thereby denying women the inherent right to be free of the presence of men in spaces where they undress or engage in personal hygiene.

In a properly ordered world, minors have a legal right to be educated, while their parents have an inherent right to make decisions about the education of their children. Parents also have a God-given right and even obligation to make medical decisions about the health and welfare of their children. That freedom is broad and deep, limited only by manmade laws to prevent egregious neglect and abuse by irresponsible or cruel parents.

Society once recognized and respected the inherent freedom of parents to determine educational and health care decisions for their children—a liberty protected from intrusion by the state. In America’s grand political experiment in self-government, teachers in their professional roles, possess few and quite limited rights concerning other people’s children.

The limited rights they are granted are not intrinsic, God-given, unalienable rights, but you wouldn’t know that from what we see taking place in public schools. What we see in our schools is an illicit, presumptuous arrogation of power by leftist activist school employees in defiance of parental rights, desires, values, and beliefs. In other words, leftists are usurping the unalienable rights of parents.

So …

• We now see librarian Liz Forderhase at Webster Groves High School in Missouri offering a chance to win a “sweet prize” to any minor student who chooses to read a book from the list of allegedly “banned books” which are not actually books that have been banned but challenged by parents because of obscene, inappropriate content. (Someone should ask Forderhase about the de facto book-banning publishing companies, libraries, and public school teachers engage in when they refuse to publish, purchase, and teach books that espouse conservative views on homosexuality, “gender,” “anti-racism,” feminism, or abortion.)

• We see administrations and faculty deliberately concealing critical information from parents about their own children, including in Chicago Public Schools.

• We see creepy teachers giving children assignments that ask these minors about their sexual fantasies.

• We see creepy teachers boasting on TikTok about indoctrinating (i.e., ideologically grooming) their very young students with twisted views of sexuality.

• We see teachers asking students for their “preferred pronouns.”

• We see teachers urging students to read pornographic novels, plays, and adult comic books—material that, if presented to students fifty years ago, would have resulted in a teacher’s termination and possible arrest.

• We see public schools sexually integrating the bathrooms and locker rooms of minors (even as though administrators and faculty members don’t share bathrooms and locker rooms with colleagues of the opposite sex.

• We see lawmakers, like our lousy Illinois lawmakers, passing multiple laws that require all public school children starting in kindergarten to be introduced to immoral leftist ideas about sex and absurd and immoral ideas about “gender.”

Government schools are increasingly ruled by tyrannical leftists who no longer view themselves as public servants even as the public pays their ample salaries and pensions. These leftist activists view conservative parents with disdain and even loathing. They detest the beliefs, values, and desires of conservative parents even as they—leftist activists—claim to “honor all voices” and esteem diversity.

Leftists use their jobs to indoctrinate other people’s children with every cause they support, every belief they hold, every value they embrace, every policy they promote—no matter how controversial, no matter how little evidence or how few reasons they can marshal in defense of their positions, and no matter how much counterevidence and how many reasons opponents can marshal in defense of their opposition.

Self-righteous teachers march brazenly onward, presuming themselves to be soldiers in an army of absolutist lords in an ironic universe where they claim there is no truth even as they act as if their beliefs are true.

In their universe, there is only “your truth” and “their truth”—which is to say, truthiness—but their truthiness is what they promulgate as objective, transcendent absolute TRUTH in their taxpayer-subsidized jobs while trampling the beliefs of many taxpayers.

Why aren’t armies of taxpayers attending school board meetings in every district in the country where schools are introducing minors to leftist theories on “gender,” or sexually integrating bathrooms and locker rooms, or asking students for their pronouns, or including obscene and profane material in curricula or on recommended book lists, or teaching sexually graphic material, or teaching material that espouses controversial ideas on race derived from Critical Race Theory (CRT) without spending equal time teaching material that critiques ideas derived from CRT?

Why aren’t taxpayers objecting to teachers identifying the sexual predilections—from homoeroticism to cross-dressing—of famous cultural figures?

Why aren’t taxpayers demanding to know the criteria teachers purportedly apply to determine age-appropriateness of materials used and demanding to know who socially constructed those criteria?

Why aren’t taxpayers demanding to know in what specific ways English teachers, social studies teachers, and health teachers are “experts” in preaching ideas about sexuality and “gender” that are integrally connected to ethics, morality, epistemology, ontology, teleology, psychology, and religion?

Leftist activist teachers are using their taxpayer-subsidized jobs and taxpayer-subsidized resources to socially construct leftist activists who then sally forth with corrupted minds and sanctimony to become teachers, judges, playwrights, scriptwriters, film directors, corporate CEOs, journalists, social media influencers-, physicians, counselors, pastors, and priests who will further corrupt the public square.

Those who have eyes to see bear witness to the tragic results of leftist transformation of schools into Maoist re-education camps. Through distorted lenses provided by schools and minds beclouded by propagandists, young people see bigotry and hatred where there is compassion and love. Where there is bodily integrity and beauty, they see disorderedness and deformation. Where there is truth, they see falsehoods. Where there is righteousness, they see evil. And so, they fight all that is good, and true, and beautiful with lies and violence, turning the world upside down.


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