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Sidetrack This Week - A Bit of World News

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

We are blessed to live in the heartland. Abundance is everywhere and especially visible in the middle of growing season. Farmer’s Markets are full of fresh produce, the grocery stores have produce from all over the world, and if you have a backyard garden you are probably harvesting your own green beans and cucumbers about now.

While Breakthrough Ideas focuses on policy primarily at the state and local level, the stories coming out of Sri Lanka about massive food shortages and unrest as a result of adopting aggressive Green New Deal regulations are a warning to the rest of us. Couple the Sri Lanka debacle with the stories of revolt from farmers in the Netherlands and a realization that Germany is considering reopening coal plants in the wake of energy shortages, we can only hope that policymakers wake up.

Three articles about the above for those that are interested: Sri Lanka Crisis Shows Consequences Of Elites' Green Revolution ( Good for Dutch farmers for fighting back against a gov't bowing to enviro-radicals ( Germany's Energy Catastrophe (

And Here's Even More...

Is This Insanity Coming to the USA? Dutch dairy farmers are near the end of the line. New environmental regulations will require farmers in the Netherlands to slash their livestock numbers by 95 percent, and many will have to sell the farms that have been in their families for hundreds of years. Meanwhile...Gates’ trial balloon: North Dakota.

While other real crisis' affect people across the land like NINE PERCENT INFLATION, Governor Pritzker can’t decide if the COVID crisis is over or not.

Governor Pritzker issued his 31st Consecutive COVID Disaster Declaration for the entire state on June 24, 2022. Let’s be clear here – the Governor is not following even his own plans from COVID laid out in 2020. His declaration does not reconcile with the FIVE Phases plan to completely “Restore Illinois” to normal operations nor does it recognize the original 11 separate Regions he divided the state into to assess COVID conditions.

Remember the final phase to be back to normal was with a vaccine or highly effective treatment widely available or the elimination of any new cases over a sustained period. We have had multiple vaccines for 18 months and highly effective treatments for longer than that. So, it makes no sense that the Governor issued another 30-day disaster declaration for the entire state.

Then this week Governor Pritzker backed away from his own emergency declaration. He announced the lifting of certain vaccines and testing mandates just as he was having to respond to a Tom DeVore lawsuit aimed at COVID mandates for higher education.

So, which is it Governor Pritzker – is COVID still a problem or not?

In Other News

BIG. CON. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training is a well-crafted money maker for people who don’t have and don’t want to offer legitimate solutions to society’s supposed widespread problems. Assuming there are systemic and pervasive atrocities to begin with, the sham careers these division peddlers have created for themselves would dry up overnight if they actually solved the problems they claim exist. Governor Pritzker went all-in signing THREE bills that will throw them a boatload of YOUR money:

This Author’s Unresolved Issues Are Now Your Kid’s Problem Controversy continues to swirl in Barrington Community Unit District 220 over the book “Gender Queer,” as parents who object to its presence in the Barrington High School library and those who support it spoke out again Tuesday before the board of education. The book has ignited similar debates at schools across the country, including Downers Grove High School District 99 and Antioch Community High School District 117. Earlier this year, the American Library Association named it the most challenged book of 2021. Just this week CUSD 200 Wheaton-Warrenville School Board APPROVED keeping "Gender Queer" in high school libraries. Community members spoke out against it to no avail.  What’s happening in your school district In The Studio

Jeanne heads to Downers Grove, Illinois where Americans for Prosperity helps pay the costs of the extreme gas prices and drops the price to $2.38 a gallon. We interview Brian Costin as he discusses with us the true cost of government.

Illinois Gas Prices... Are we the highest? The never-ending emergency; from the President to the Governor, we see ourselves in a perpetual emergency and what is the reasoning behind this; The money flowing from the federal government to state government and who is this money eventually ending up?

And the survey says how many people say the country is headed in the wrong direction; Foreclosure rates are up in Illinois; Major crimes in Chicago, yet they are refusing to prosecute these crimes; Listen to Jim Glasgow at a Safe Suburbs USA event tell the hard facts on what the Illinois crime bill will actually do.

Ted Dabrowski the President joins us today as we talk about crime; Governor Pritzker’s 5 phases of restoring Illinois; The financial disaster that is Illinois' fiscal policy; The lie that Illinois is fiscally sound; How much will each resident have to pay to repay the federal government’s loan; As well as the failing education system.

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