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June, once notable as the month of weddings, has been sullied by homosexual activists,

“trans”-cultists, and their allies. It is now the month when those who choose to place

sexual rebellion at the center of their identities appropriate not just a biblical symbol but

Main Streets all across the country and, fittingly, call it “pride” month. For “When pride

comes, then comes disgrace … (Proverbs 11:2).”

In June, families dread shopping because corporate executives who have sold their souls

for a mess of deviance drape their merchandise in the colors of the purloined rainbow.

While Anheuser-Busch learned the hard way that decent Americans have limits on the

degree of evil they will tolerate, other companies believe Americans cannot break

through a Great Wall of corporate uniformity.

In other words, if all corporate behemoths jump aboard the queer convoy, Americans

will be forced to surrender because they will have to buy stuff.

Now that’s systemic oppression.

But what ordinary Americans should have learned through the Anheuser-Busch/Dylan

Mulvaney debacle is that boycotts do work if they’re targeted. A look behind the rainbow

curtain at soulless corporate behemoth Target reveals why Americans should target

Target next.

As everyone knows, Target has long been licking the kinky boots of the “trans” cult and

homosexuals. Several years ago, Target made all changing rooms and restrooms co-ed,

eliminated girl and boy toy aisles, and started carrying clothing for cross-dressing

children. Decent people boycotted for a time, but slowly many reluctantly surrendered

to the wealthy and woke Target execs who do the bidding of LGBTQAP+ tyrants.

This year’s “Pride Collection” at Target includes pet paraphernalia, candles, cups,

aprons, oven mitts, spatulas, pillows, party supplies, plates, pins, picture frames, family

clothing collections featuring fatherless families, and “tucking” bikini underwear for

boys and men who want to hide their penises in order to pass as girls. You name it,

Target’s got it.

They even carry several products made by a woman with a chemically induced beard

who masquerades as a man. Her transonym is “Erik,” (surname Carnell), and her

product line is Abprallen, which includes this sweatshirt (sold by Target) that says


Target not only celebrates sexual perversion and not only markets perversion to children

but also insults all customers who believe cross-dressing is wrong.

“Erik” is a London-based artist whose line of products includes t-shirts, stickers, pins,

and prints with messages like “Satan Respects Pronouns,” “Join My Gay Cult,” “My

which is a pastel illustration of a guillotine adorned with a heart at the base of which are

two skulls—presumably the decapitated heads of “homophobes.”

The angry and disturbed “Erik” also sells her wares on ETSY, where indecent people can

buy a pin that says, “STRAIGHTS SUCK, QUEERS SWALLOW” and “Heteronormativity

Ubiquitous “Erik” calls herself “ yourwhippingboy ” on Reddit, where she pretends to be a

“gay man” when in reality, she’s a heterosexual woman.

Every purchase from Target of “Erik’s” malignant products—or any other

product—strengthens the cultural power of the “LGBTQ+” juggernaut and weakens the

investment of Target execs in pleasing conservative shoppers.

The only way to dismantle the monolithic corporate wall of support for the anti-truth

“LGBTQ+” agenda is to chip away at it brick by brick. Money talks in board rooms.

Financially devastating one corporation at a time for their activism in servile deference

to a political movement that is destroying children, families, churches, the First

Amendment, and the public square may entail sacrifices. But those sacrifices are minor

compared to the magnitude of the damage being done to America.

Once upon a time, homosexual activists told a tall tale about longing only to be left alone

to do what they wanted in the privacy of their bedrooms, unmolested by an intrusive,

puritanical public. Now they control—well, everything.

They control education, legacy news outlets, the arts and entertainment, the military,

and corporate America. Now we have an entire month dedicated to celebrating that

which God abhors—a month during which young children are exposed to a celebration

of phenomena from which innocent children should be protected.

God has a few things more things to say about pride:

“Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate. (Proverbs


“Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. (Proverbs


What God says, however, matters little to “LGBTQ+” activists or the powers-that-be at

Target. What does matter to them is collective action, so, let’s generously give them

some collective action. #TargetTarget.


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