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Two More Reasons to Hold Off on Buying An Electric Vehicle

As we are being lectured daily by virtuous climate change zealots (and those who are poised to be enriched by the ‘green industry’) we are also uncovering more reasons to question all of it.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the range of an electric vehicle (EV) can fall by up to a quarter when made to carry a heavy load. Not only that, EVs lose range during the winter months’ freezing conditions.

Add to that the cost of replacing an EV battery (averaging $15,000 to $23,000) and the fact that EV fuel prices are now surpassing gas-powered vehicles, the reasons are stacking up to sit tight until we have more of the facts. Read about the growing list of concerns here:

Here’s another problem with EVs – We Are Going to Run Out of Electricity This information is from the Committee to Unleash Prosperity:

The U.S. electric power system is headed for “potentially catastrophic consequences” as America’s dispatchable power plants are retiring “far too quickly” and in quantities that “threaten our ability to keep the lights on.” That was the chilling conclusion of a hearing last week before the House Subcommittee on Energy, Climate, and Grid Security.

Bar graph of primary energy production by major sources 2021

Pritzker and the other Democrats want no more fossil fuels in Illinois. Their plans are not just crazy, they are dangerous and unworkable.

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