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Unspent Covid Money - Unemployment Fraud

The Republicans in Congress were right to request all unspent COVID funds be returned to the US Treasury. And we should demand that our Illinois legislators give a transparent listing of all FY24 budget items that are using COVID dollars and explain exactly how it is COVID related. It’s just another scam, and I am sure we aren’t the only state doing it.

Measure On Pritzker’s Desk Goes After More COVID Fraud

It was extremely problematic and we still to this day don’t know how badly Illinois got ripped off in our unemployment fraud,” Caulkins told The Center Square. “We also had the [Paycheck Protection Program] fraud people were claiming.

Read the whole story here:

The estimated Illinois COVID unemployment fraud is $2 billion.

By the way – The COVID Response by bureaucrats, academia, and elected officials was a huge scam too.

Read here about the 300 COVID Medical Papers that were retracted for scientific errors and ethical concerns.

Read here about the mistake of COVID lockdowns. And the WSJ editorial from last week details the business outmigration from lockdown states to open states. Illinois had the third greatest loss after New York and California.

But the biggest scam of the COVID response was what it did to children and young adults in the name of protecting them. The WSJ wrote this just a few days ago,

The rise in mental health problems among young people during the pandemic has been widely chronicled. One CDC survey found about half of 18-to-24-year-olds experienced anxiety or depression during the summer of 2020. Lockdowns and college closures no doubt drove some into depressive funks and down social-media rabbit holes.

NO COVID AMNESTY, Remind yourselves what the experts – especially the PhDs in Education - did to children.

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